Choose Your Favorite Cabinet Style. Modern vs. Traditional Cabinet Styles. Are you Modern or Farmhouse Chic? Your cabinet choice will tell. From textured to smooth, modern to farmhouse chic––the cabinetry options available to us these days are truly endless. But what are the benefits of both?



The benefits of choosing smooth cabinetry will result in a more modern feel to your kitchen’s appearance. Smooth styles come in a variety of colors, wood types, and finishes—but are best paired with modern hardware and metals. (We also have modern lift-hinge cabinets that really give off a sleek, modern vibe.) But some of our favorite smooth cabinet reveals have been light wood finish combined with silver hardware or sleek black finish with a popping metal like copper or brass. But no matter the color choice—they always look modern, sleek, and smooth.


On the flip side, you would choose textured cabinetry if you prefer a farmhouse chic or classic style. There’s something about the groves and definition in these beautiful cabinets that really make you feel warm and right at home in any kitchen. Similar to the smooth style, textured cabinets can be found in any color, wood type, or finish—but our favorite combinations are light gray or white with gold embellishment. And now, we have glass-encased options available too!


Don’t like top cabinets at all? Go with an open kitchen concept! We have floating kitchen shelf options in every color and stain available. Your kitchen updating options are truly endless with CRS.

Whether you choose smooth, textured, or no upper cabinets at all—CRS has you covered. Our cabinet refacing services are the eco-friendly way of completely revamping the chipped, faded, discolored cabinets you’ve had for years. (And these renovations don’t need to break your budget or drain your savings.) We see the possibility in every project, all while keeping in mind the most cost-efficient options for you.

After all, your cabinets are the real star of your kitchen—let us help make them shine.

Having trouble choosing between smooth or textured options? We can help. Take our online kitchen quiz to help find your favorite style or browse through our Inspiration Gallery to find your perfect match today! We believe it’s important to pinpoint your style from the beginning to save time in the long run. Whether it’s cabinets, countertops, floors, appliances, or even hardware, learn what you like best before calling a contractor.⁠ We’re waiting by the phones and happy to help!