Bold colors are back in style and we’re loving the trend. Interior design just got more fun and you can update the whole look of any room by simply adding one thing—color.

Color can completely transform your kitchen without having to start from scratch. Add a pop of color by simply updating your cabinets, walls, backsplash, or hardware! And the best thing about adding a new hue to an existing space is that, like colors, each space is different and will take on its own unique look.

We’ve been loving dark and light shades of teal the past few months. There’s just something about this hue that really brightens up a kitchen! But we’ve also fallen in love with sleek, modern black cabinets and muted, cooler tones. You can’t go wrong with color. Find your favorite shade on the color wheel and have some fun adding vibrant color to your home!

But adding color doesn’t mean it needs to be the bold paint color of the month—you can transform your cabinets by simply staining them a lighter or darker hue. Or, you can add a backsplash with a pattern or texture you love. You can even paint an existing wall to highlight the cabinetry you already have. Color changes everything, and we have lots of color-full ideas for you…



are the name of our game. This is what we’re known for and what we do best. We also have a wide variety of colors, styles, and stains for you to choose from—leaving endless possibilities for you to mix and match your design elements.⁣ If you want to create a warm, welcoming space, try pairing white cabinets with a warm wood like butcher block or walnut. Or, for a more modern finish, try matte cabinets, clean lines, and minimal hardware. The cabinetry options are limitless with CRS!


upgrade options are as endless as colors on the color wheel. From patterned to textured, black to white, and every color and style in between—upgrading your kitchen backsplash will not only transform your kitchen, but will improve the appearance and ambience of your home.


might seem like a small change—and it is. A simple upgrade in hardware can make a big difference, and we’ve got unlimited options for you to choose from when selecting your cabinet refacing finishes. If you love bold, colorful cabinets—try adding a decorative gold hardware embellishment. If you prefer a sleek and modern look, try a chrome or silver tone. And no matter the cabinet hue or style, you can’t go wrong with copper detailing these days.

If you think it’s time to add some color to your kitchen, choose from one of our many color selections, styles, or stains. We have everything you could ever dream of—from light to white, red to gray, black to walnut and all that are in between. We have your future dream kitchen cabinets—guaranteed.

Having trouble choosing your perfect style? We can help. Do you prefer farmhouse chic cabinetry, or are you more of a modern or classic style? Take a browse through our Inspiration Gallery to find your perfect match or take our online quiz and we’ll find it for you! We believe it’s important to pinpoint your style from the beginning to save time in the long run. Whether it’s cabinets, countertops, floors, appliances, or even hardware, learn what you like best before calling a contractor.⁠

We’ll be waiting for your call.